Thursday, 4 July 2013


So I saw World War Z the other day.   I’m a big zombie film fan so I had high expectations, and though it’s not perfect, it’s still a really enjoyable film.  I read the synopsis for the original ending to, it would have been very exciting but not that in keeping with the rest of the film, although I’m not sure the actual ending was that well suited to the rest of the film anyway... I find it interesting that the end of I Am Legend was reworked to be less happy than originally planned while World War Z was reworked to be happier.   And both said good bye to the book.

Still, good film. Interesting, if slightly confusing, zombie concept, they’re dead like The Walking Dead zombies, but moved and behave more like 28 days later, infected, rage, fast zombies.  It sort of works, and the scenes where they swarm are frightening in a new way.  But for a film with such an apparently scientific ending it seems to ignore the fact that bodies decay rapidly and would no longer be able to stand after a few days, let alone chase around biting people (though I really hope this observation does not come back and bite me).  They may have done better sticking with the alive but rabies infected kind of zombie.    

Anyway, if you've stayed with me through this ramble, here’s my zombie.  It’s me in the morning before a cup of tea, though more blood.

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