Monday, 14 October 2013

La Diablesse

The first book I ever read by myself was called Mouth Open Story Jump Out, by Grace Hallworth (and by book I mean a something longer than six pages with more than eight words on a page) I am dyslexic so the first book I read will always be an especially big deal to me.  It’s a collection spooky stories from Trinidad and Tobago and its characters and lessons have stayed with me ever since and have repeatedly been featured in my art work.

This next doll is based on one of the character that I found the most compelling, La Diablesse, the lady-devil.  A decedent and alluring creature who loves to dance and lead men astray, often to their deaths, unless they are lucky enough to spot the cloven hoof beneath her long, full skirt....

My la Diablesse is a little different in that she has two cloven hooves beneath her skirts instead of one.  I gave her a wide brimmed hat to hide her face and further emphasized this by not giving her eyes, just red, smiling lips. 

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