Friday, 13 September 2013

League of Legends champion Teemo Figure.

Teemo is now the second League of Legends champion I’ve made, and hopefully not the last.  This little guy will be for sale, though I’m not sure how much for yet.  In the mean time, here are lots (probably too many) of photos of him.  Sadly I didn’t get him finished before the rain came, but I managed to find a few places that were merely damp, so I have some outdoor shots of him planting his mushrooms and getting up to mischief, even if I did get soaked in the process of taking them.  

He has a wire frame and fabric body, with modelling clay head, hands and feet and acrylic painting and detail.  He also comes with three mushrooms, telescope, blow pipe and paper scrolls with different maps or other miscellaneous information on each.

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