Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth Doll

This is my Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth doll.  I love the official doll, but I can’t quite afford one at the moment, so, being a doll maker, I decided to make one myself.  She’s about 21.5 cm tall with a wire frame, fabric body and moulded head, hands and feet.  I've tried to keep her as close to the character in the game as possible.  I’ll upload some proper studio photo at some point, but I finished her today and it was nice and sunny so I thought some outdoor shots would be fun.

I originally wanted to make an Elizabeth wearing the clothes she wears in the first part of the game, so she would contrast with the official doll, but I didn't have quite the right fabric, so here she is in her second outfit.

I’m still not sure about the freckles, I don’t remember her having any in the game, but the official doll does.  I’ve left them on any way, because I think they add a bit more character to her face.  She’s wearing the bird brooch because that’s the one I chose in the game, I figured she’d spent her life in a cage, the last thing she’d want is to be reminded of it.  


  1. Amazing! I wish I had talent like that. Well done! She wouldn't happen to be for sale, would she?

    1. Hi, thank you so much, I had fun making her. It’s a case of she’s for sale if you’re interested, though I’m not sure what I’d charge. I didn’t keep track of the hours it took to make her, but I’m open to offers. Alternately I could make you another one, maybe in her first costume of the game? If you are still interested email me at rose.sturdy@hotmail.co.uk